Indian woman bodybuilder Kongbrailatpam Rebita was a wushu champion, joined bodybuilding to beat opponents in wushu fights!

“I was a wushu player and won several medals. I shifted to bodybuilding to improve my body and strong. In one of my fights, i found my opponent Chinese fighter very strong and well built. She had a muscular body and was stronger than me in physical challenge. I lost to her and she finally won gold medal in that category. Since then, i had a strong desire to make my body strong and muscular. I realized the need to have muscular body in combat sports. When i went back to Manipur, i decided to make my body strong. After joining gym, my body improved a lot. Then my instructor inspired me to concentrate on my new sport.”

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This is the story how Kongbrailatpam Rebita turned from a wushu fighter to a woman bodybuilder. In wushu, Rebita achieved a lot. She won gold medal at the Senior National Wushu Championships 2012, Jammu and Kashimir in women’s 70kg sanshou fight. She won a bronze medal for India at the 3rd Asian Indoor Games 2009 which was held in Vietnam.

Interestingly, after she turned into a bodybuilder, Rebita became more successful. She started achieving more and more medals in the new game. She won gold medal at the 45th Senior, 39th Junior, 21st Master, 10th Physically Challenges and 3rd Women Fitness Championships 2011 in 160cm above category. She competed and got 5th positions in 4th and 5th editions of WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physiques Sports Championships of 2012 and 2013 which were held in Thailand and Hungary before winning a medal in the 6th edition of the championship which was held at Mumbai, Maharastra in 2014. She won bronze medal at the 49th Asian Bodybuilding Championships 2015, Tashkent in Uzbekistan in women’s 49kg above category.She also won bronze medal at the 50th Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships 2016 held in Bhutan.

Infact she is an all rounder sports person. She has touched several sports and won several medals. She was a gymnast, taekwondo player, and a boxer. Besides, she has other entertaining talents.

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