Five batsmen who have scored 200 runs and above in one day international cricket

Cricket has changed a lot. Today it is not the game of scoring slowly and accelerating at the ending part of the innings. It is now the game of fast and furious. Batsmen, bowlers, fielders and wicket keepers like to act fast. With the introduction of T20 cricket, the mindset of the batsmen have also changed. Batsmen now like to score as many runs as possible within short duration of the innings. Crowd love good and entertaining cricket. Well, there have been five batsmen who have scored 200 runs and above with fast and furious in one day international cricket on six occasions and they have enthralled the crowd. Here, we remind those batsmen.

1. SachinTendulkar: The first batsman to score 200 runs in one day international cricket was Sachin Tendulkar of India. He faced 147 balls and scored the first ever double century with 25 fours and 3 sixes against South Africa at Gwalior in 2010. India scored 401 runs for 3 wickets in the 1st innings and beat South Africa by 153 runs.

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2. Virender Sehwag: The second batsman to score double century in one day international cricket was Virender Sehwag who is known for his destructible nature of batting. He became the second Indian batsman to score 200 runs when India beat the West Indies at Indoor in 2011. In the match, he made double century facing just 140 balls. He hit 25 fours and 7 sixes from 149 balls to score 219 runs and made remarkable contribution to India’s total of 415 runs for 5. India beat the West Indies by 153 runs.

3. Rohit Sharma: Now another Indian batsman! Rohit Sharma was the third batsman in the world to make double century one day international cricket match. Rohit is basically not an explosive batsman. He likes to take time to score runs. But when he is settled down, really he is a dangerous batsman. In the one day international cricket match against Australia at Bangalore in November 2013, he smashed209 runs off 158 balls. His innings included 12 fours 12 fours and 16 sixes. India made 383 runs for 6 while Australia made 326 runs for all out losing to India by 57 runs.

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4. Rohit Sharma: Here comes Rohit Sharma again! Rohit Sharma again double ton, this time against Sri Lanka in November 2014 at Kolkata. He struck 33 fours and 9 sixes in his 264 runs off 173 balls. In this match, India made 404 runs for 5 and beat Sri  Lanka (251) by 153 runs. With this feat, he has become the only batsman to score double century in one day international cricket. Great performance indeed!

5. Chris Gayle: The fourth batsman to score a double century in the history of one day international cricket is the flamboyant batsman Chris Gayle of the West Indies. He faced just 147 balls to make 215 runs which included 10 fours and 16 sixes. The match was played in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Canberra in Australia. West Indies made 372 runs which was the highest ever total of the nation in ODI history and beat Zimbabwe by 73 runs.

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6. Martin Guptill: The world cup cricket 2015 was co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. In a league match of the world cup, New Zealand met the West Indies. In the match, Martin Guptill of New Zealand scored double century from 163 balls. He struck 25 fours and 7 sixes against the West Indies at Wellington cricket ground. In the match New Zealand beat the West Indies by .

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