Facebookers go crazy after they find a new Bruce Lee, he is Bruce Lee Wangkheimayum of Manipur

Social media Facebook erupted with joy when a look-alike of legendary Chinese actor Bruce Lee came out! Well, he is also Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee of Manipur. Ever since his childhood, because of similarities in appearance with the great martial artist Bruce Lee, his elders and friends named him Bruce Lee! His photo went viral after the young man uploaded his photo on social media Facebook.

Bruce Lee Wangkheimayum of Manipur – Image(Facebook)

This is the profile image of Brucelee Wangkheimayum and this young man has acted in a Manipuri movie too showing his martial arts skills. His real name is Nungsheng Piba Wangkheimayum.

Interestingly, his look is not only the thing that people find similarities. He is too a martial artist who has touched gymnastics, taekwondo, wushu and famous Indian indigenous martial art Thang Ta. He has also performed some stunning acts like Bruce Lee did. He has acted in a Manipuri movie ‘Enga / The June’ produced by Naoren Naorem and directed by another martial arts lover and director Naocha Sana. Watch the stunning talents of the actor Bruce Lee Wangkheimayum of Manipur:

Encourage him and share for this young martial artist and actor. If you have other look alike images of Bruce Lee, share…

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