Competitions are near, but this player is on the road to seek donation

Amid the glory of success of Manipur players both at national and international levels, a young bodybuilder has come out on the road seeking the help of crowd. Unable to meet the financial expenses of the competitions ahead, the young bodybuilder himself has come out on the road to seek help from the passersby!

The news of the bodybuilder was shared more than 5000 times on social media. Some have come out to support the young bodybuilder. His friends are assisting in collecting some amount and encouraging the young man.

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The bodybuilder Laitonjam Rishikanta has been selected to represent India in Asian and World Bodybuilding Championships. However, while his competitors are preparing for the contests, he is struggling to go to the venues to participate and he is competiting with his own life from now. As the competitions are coming nearer, he is perplexed whether he should prepare for the contest or seek help! The young man along with his friends are seeking donation from passersby at Uripok and Tera in Imphal West.

Who is this young man?
L Rishikanta is the son of Laitonjam Manoj and L Indira from Patsoi Part – 4 Makha Leikai. While he was in boarding during his class X standard, there was change in food habit which made him so thin. Therefore, he joined gym to make his body fit and healthy. As the day and time progressed, he started winning medals at district and state levels along with several overall titles which motivated him a lot. He has 17 titles to his name along with 13 overall champion titles. He knows that he is the son of farmer and the game of bodybuilding is so expensive, but his aim of making India proud at global arena still keeps his hope alive.

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How much amount is required?
“For the Asian championship alone, i was asked to prepare for at least Rs.1.50 lakhs and i have to arrange within very short period of time. Now it is so difficult for me. Till now, there is no information for me how much i should arrange for the World championships, but i guess at least Rs. 2 lakhs would be needed. But now, i am afraid even though i am selected as the amounts are so big”.

The budding bodybuilder went to say “i went to our local MLA for some help, but no help till date. I went there with hope, but i am really disappointed”

Now, how are you preparing?
“I am preparing so hard. I am working since 6.00 am early in the morning and continue till 9.00 am. Then i go out to seek donation from well wishers. My local elders are also so worried for me. They advise me to concentrate on my preparation and told me that they would do the collection. My parents are farmers and i am the eldest one and i have two sisters. I went to meet honorable Chief Minister of Manipur for help, but could not meet well. They took my contact number and i am still eagerly waiting for some wonder from him”.

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Any help till date?

“Some helped me. I got some help from RSRS Thangal Market and Chanura Microfin. I am so thankful to them and i will remember forever. I also got some help from an MP and honorable Deputy CM.”

When will you leave for the competition?
“Till now, there is no information, but will get soon. Probably on 17th or 18th August. I will share the information soon.”

Our views
The young man is worried if he will be able to go to the bigger event – World Bodybuilding Championships. While his competitors are preparing for the competitions, this young man his preparing to meet the financial burden.

The people of Manipur have been one of the strongest supporters of athletes. Many a times, people have come forward to help players in need. Many a times, players have also sought the help of people like this young man. It is to be seen how much people help him.

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It may be mentioned that the young bodybuilder has been selected to represent India in 51st Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships 2017 in South Korea which will be held from August to 20 to 26 and 9th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships 2017 in Mongolia which will be held from October 2 to 9.

If well wishers love and want to support the athlete, he can be contacted at contact number — 7005026617. You can help him. Your small help will be a blessing to the young man. We request well wishers and authorities to help the young man. He needs your help at this moment.

All the best to the bodybuilder.

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