Akoijam Jadananda becomes Junior Mr India 2015 at the 54th Junior Mr India Bodybuilding Contest

Akoijam Jadananda of Manipur won the title of Junior Mr India in men’s 85kg category at the 54th Junior Mr India Bodybuilding Contest 2015 which was held at Howrah, Kolkata from November 19 to 20 under the aegis of Indian Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation. In this category, L Rishikanta won silver medal. Jadananda had earlier won state bodybuilding title in the 49th Senior Mr. ManipurBodybuilding Championship in 2015.

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In this championship, Khunjamayum Takhelnganba won another title in junior men’s 75kg category. Premsondas won silver medal while Nandeibam Jogeshkumar won bronze medal in this category. In men’s 70 kg category, A Sushilkumar and Ng Joli Roger won silver and bronze medals respectively.

I Bipin and L Manglem respectively were the coach and manager of Manipur bodybuilding team.

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